Roofing Contractor

Investing in your roof is no small deal. An installation can be very costly, both in time and money, so it's important to think it over fully. Most homeowners will depend on Chicago area roofers to handle the work, but not all roofing contractors are the same.

Before you hire any old company, you'll want to make sure that you're asking the right questions. By carefully vetting your roofers, you'll ensure that the end result of your home will be absolutely perfect. Below, we'll discuss five of the top questions that you should be asking before you sign any contract.

How Experienced Are They With Roof Replacements?

It's important not to hire a roofing company that doesn't have a proven reputation. While it's perfectly fine to hire a roofing company that is just starting out in your community, make sure that the team members are individually qualified with years of experience. Be sure to ask how long their contractors have been in the industry.

Is the Entire Roofing Team Insured?

A fully insured roofing company is absolutely crucial. You can't risk having an uninsured team on your property because if anyone falls or gets injured, you will be liable. Make sure that your contractor has both liability and worker's compensation insurance.

Will They Provide You With a Free Estimate Prior to Starting Work?

A free estimate ensures that you won't be faced with any surprises. Any skilled team should know exactly how much the project will cost, and they should be completely comfortable with giving you a quote. If the scope of the project ever changes, your roofing contractor should inform you of pricing changes immediately.

Do Their Roofing Materials Come From Trusted Brands?

It's very important that your Chicago home's roof replacement is treated to quality products. Inferior ones will simply not last and need more service down the road. For best results, try to find a roofing company that works exclusively with one manufacturer. Concerning the manufacturer, look for one that offers:

  • A Variety of Style and Color Options
  • Excellent Warranty Protection
  • Advanced Roofing Technology That Benefits Your Home

Will They Answer All of Your Questions and Concerns?

Above all else, make sure that your roof installers communicate. If you ever have concerns or worries about the process, your roofing company should be able to relieve the stress. A solid team will answer all of your questions and inform you about all the details of the installation process.

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