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Northwest ChicagoJames Hardie Siding Contractor

If you’re considering replacement siding types for your home, it’s almost impossible to overlook James Hardie siding—and for good reason! James Hardie is an industry leader because of the impressive performance, durability, beauty, and sustainability of their products. 

At Ladder Legends, we are proud to be a James Hardie siding company in Chicago. 

When the benefits of James Hardie siding are paired with our professional workmanship, creating spaces where life lives fullest is made possible! 

Chicago James Hardie Siding Contractor

Settling on James Hardie as the best siding type for your home is easy. Finding a reliable Chicago James Hardie siding contractor might be more challenging, but you can consider your search over now that you’ve found us. At Ladder Legends, we look forward to providing you with high-quality James Hardie replacement siding that offers:

  • Lifelong Value:  The strength, sustainability, and protection offered by James Hardie siding provides a lifetime of value for your home that outshines other siding options. 
  • Colorful Curb Appeal: ColorPlus® Technology ensures that your siding resists UV-ray damage and discoloration, giving your home an attractive appearance that looks like new for many years. 
  • Tailored Performance: The Hardie™ Zone system ensures that you get the right level of protection for your region, so that your siding can withstand weather damage, pests, and more. 
  • Preferred Style Options: It’s proven that homeowners prefer James Hardie products because they can choose from a virtually endless selection of siding styles, patterns, and colors to create a look that’s truly customized. 

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