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Plainfield Roofing Replacement Company

A new roof replacement can protect your home against the toughest weather in the Greater Chicago Area. At Ladder Legends, we’re paving the way for exceptional roofing solutions. As a high-value Plainfield roofing company, we utilize luxurious designs and top-performing materials for a roof you’ll feel confident coming home to.

Attractive Asphalt Replacement Roofing in Plainfield

Not all roof replacement companies are the same. At Ladder Legends, we combine unique designs with top-of-the-line protection. We install roof replacement options from one of the most trusted manufacturers available. With an Atlas Pinnacle Pristine asphalt roof replacement, your home will benefit from:

  • Impact Resistance: Our asphalt roofs have met Class 3 impact resistance. This means they’ve been tested and proven to withstand extreme weather conditions that you might be faced with in the Greater Chicago Area.
  • Wind Protection: By combining HP42 technology with Scotchgard Shingle Protector, your shingles are installed to resist winds of up to 130 mph.
  • Architectural Design: An architectural asphalt roof replacement adds superior style definition to your home. This makes your roof even more attractive, even from far below.
  • Color Variety: Atlas’ Pinnacle Pristine shingles come in a wide color variety with shades ranging from light Oyster Shell to rich Sunset.

Your Plainfield Roofing Company for Worry-Free Solutions

We believe that a complete roof replacement system should be able to handle all of your needs. That’s why our roofing services come with top-tier benefits, such as:

  • Free Consultations: You should never have to pay for roofing you don’t feel confident with. We provide free consultations, free pricing, and transparent communication.
  • Quality Products: When it comes to your home, we only use products we stand behind. Work with our team to select from high-style, high-performing roof replacement options.
  • Experienced Installers: Our crew of local roofing contractors is trained to provide expert installations.
  • Appealing Protection: Protect your investment with attractive financing plans and top warranty backing.

Start With a Complimentary Plainfield Roof Replacement Cost Estimate!

Ladder Legends is home to leading roof replacement options. From new roofing and siding to complete gutter systems, we protect your home against the area’s toughest weather conditions. Just give us a call today to start with a free Plainfield roof replacement estimate!

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